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Company Profile

Company Profile

From transforming grooming to redefining feminine care, Edgewell Personal Care is fueled by new ideas. With roots that go back over 200 years when Wilkinson Sword first started, we have always been committed to category reinvention. This philosophy, combined with key acquisitions, is critical in accelerating growth across our broad portfolio of personal care brands.

This new phase of transformation began in 2003, when Energizer Holdings implemented the strategy of purchasing personal care brands and acquired Schick Wilkinson Sword. Among other acquisitions, Energizer Holdings then purchased Playtex in 2007, adding leading brands in skin care, sun care, infant care, and feminine care. To further strengthen its shaving offerings, Energizer acquired both Edge and Skintimate brands in 2009 and American Safety Razor and Personna in 2011.

Throughout this growth, we continued to emphasize fresh thinking that resulted in groundbreaking products, including Schick Intuition and Hydro. On July 1, 2015, Energizer Holdings became Edgewell Personal Care. As a result, Energizer Household Products (EHP) was spun off into its own publicly traded company, now called Energizer Holdings. Today, this mission is grounded in a renewed commitment to reimagining personal care and enhancing the lives of our consumers.

Edgewell’s dedication to financial and strategic discipline is designed to translate this success into smart, stable growth for our investors.