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Spin-off Information

Spin-off Information

Spin of New Energizer
On July 1, shareholders are entitled to receive one share of Energizer SpinCo, Inc. (renamed Energizer Holdings, Inc. effective July 1, 2015) for each share of Energizer Holdings, Inc. (renamed Edgewell Personal Care effective July 1, 2015) held as of record on June 16, 2015. No action is required by shareholders to receive New Energizer shares. For specifics on the spin, please review the company’s press release dated June 1, 2015, Energizer SpinCo, Inc.’s Form 10 Registration Statement and other documents filed with the SEC or consult with your financial advisor.

Spin Information Statement
Report of Organizational Actions Affecting Basis of Securities (Form 8937)

Ralston Spin of Energizer Holdings in March 2000
The percentage of old Ralston basis assigned to Ralston stock is 72.06%. The percentage assigned to Energizer stock is 27.94%.

Predecessor Company Information
For information about Energizer Holdings, Inc.’s predecessor company, please visit the Edgewell Personal Care website at